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We’ve been dodging gales and battling cold weather over the past week. One lesson we learned is the winds in Long Island Sound turn to the northwest in late September making for difficult upwind work. We spent a couple of bouncy days back in Port Jefferson. Thirty knot gusts whipped up the channel pushing three to five-foot waves into the harbour.

Down the Sound

From Port Jeff we moved on to Huntington Harbor, which we liked a great deal. Huntington’s history stretches way back to the 17th century. Nathan Hale, who had but one life to give for his country, was hanged here. The town and surrounding villages are a mix of expensive homes (even a few castles from the 1920s) and much more modest houses. The city itself is well worn, but has friendly pubs, a big Loews Cinema (we saw First Man), and a great bookstore. The Book Revue is the kind of place that you can get lost in for hours.


This video starts as we leave early in the morning to make the tides for Hell Gate in the East River. Passing Throg’s Neck I went down to turn off our water maker and chanced upon a fine mist clouding the engine room. A seal in the raw water pump had failed putting the entire engine cooling system in jeopardy. Hailing Consolidated Yachts, the nearest yard, they stepped up – willing and able to help. As result we’ve holed up here on City Island for a couple of days waiting for new hoses and a pump.

Consolidated Yachts’ history stretches back to the middle of the 19th century when City Island was a haven for ship builders. Sir Thomas Lipton, five-time challenger of the America’s Cup and tea merchant, had several yachts built on the site.

City Island is part of the Bronx and now serves as a getaway destination in the summer. It is also the popular backdrop for filmmakers looking for something more Middle America in New York City.






  1. Finally, found some time this weekend to catchup on your adventures. Didn’t know about this little Bronx island. Brooklyn comeback seems to be the news. Sure looked like Marlon was glad to be on dry ground. LOL

    Geoff Kemble

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