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Hi Guys! Marlon here! Figured it was time to bring all my fans up to date on what I’ve been up to. Dog! Lots of changes! I have to say I’m fairly pooched just thinking about it all. I told you the story of my triumphant return to America. Once I got here it was cool seeing everyone I hadn’t seen in a while. That is until I figured out my boat peoples did a dump and run on me. Sheesh! They left me with the younger peoples and another refugee from an animal shelter! (I’ve been told that calling younger people ‘little’ isn’t PC. It took me a while to understand that because I thought PC meant Puppy Chow!)

My new house buddy is George Gordon Byron. But peoples call him Spencer, which he has given up trying to correct. Good Lord! He believes he is reincarnated and in a previous life was a poet. Which took me a while to understand because I thought p.o.e.t. meant ‘pee on every-thing’. He’s a pretty funny fellow, though. Always full of stories. I think it’s partly because of his southern upbringing. He also speaks in rhymes, except when he wants Salmon. Then he’s pretty direct. We give each other the side eye and then it’s a full-on game of snatch. He’s pretty quick for a big dog in pajamas. I tease him because I think he looks like he’s wearing pajamas. He takes it pretty well. He never fails to tell me his coat has more of a lounge jacket vibe. Like Huge Hefner, or some such people. I pretend to know what he’s growling about.

On the whole my life is pretty good. We have the two younger people looking after us. We get walks regularly and the house is pretty still compared with what I’ve been used to on the boat. Sometimes I miss the long walks we used to do with my peoples, but at least there’s nothing flapping at me! I saw my other peoples a few times over the summer. It was nice curling up in bed between them. There’s no funny business while I’m around! Well, not much anyway.

One thing that’s different is that I don’t get to go in places like I used to. For the last couple of years everyone was so happy to see me. I loved it! I got to go into all kinds of places. Like eating places with lots of peoples. Peoples who used to give me luvvies. Occasionally I’d get a bite of something, too. I’d go up quietly and just look cute. And hungry. I call it the Hamlich Manoeuvre. Geddit?? Almost never fails to get me a piece of ham. ROTFW!*

Recently Lord Gordo Byron (aka. Spencer) and I have been visiting a couple of pretty chill dogs that we got to know over the summer. My younger peoples take us with them when they babysit. I say babysit because they other guys are pretty little pups. Although I’d never say that to Nessie’s muzzle. She’d rip my ear off. The other guy, Woody, has a real thing for Gordo. I mean full on bromance thing. Dry humping his withers kind of thing. Lord B takes it pretty well. He just kind of rolls his eyes and moves away. We all have big personalities, but we all get on great. It’s like having a whole pack again. I didn’t know how much I’d missed just horsing around in a pack like that. Good times!

That’s it for now. Stay chill! Chow!



*Roll On The Floor Woofing



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