August 13, 2022

My eldest Katie and her beau Aron had the coolest wedding on the hottest day of the year. After two years of lockdown and many delays, everyone was in a festive mood and ready to party. For us it was a lovely chance to meet up with old friends and family, and meet many of Katie and Aron’s friends for the first time. A more charming, accomplished and diverse group of people you couldn’t hope for.

The wedding venue, The Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is an extravagant attic’s collection of everything a Victorian industrialist might fancy. Paintings and Egyptian artifacts aside, the museum has an extensive collection of rather dusty taxidermy critters, a papier maché T-Rex and a replica Wright-era flying machine buzzing over the foyer. With all that going on, you’d think it would be air conditioned. But this is England. Heatwaves are rare and the glass roofs are there to keep the place warm.

A civil affair in all repects, the officiant projected confidence, offering a steadying hand to the bride and groom’s nervous enthusiasm. Dressed in a modern-retro ivory pantsuit, the bride looked radiant. The groom, handsome in his soon-to-be-discarded jacket and tie, looked besotted. Once the paperwork was signed, everyone headed downstairs, lined up, then tossed confetti over the newlyweds. Dinner, speeches, and dancing ensued.

Fortunately, the reception was held in the building’s atrium. The marble floors and three storey vault kept things to a party-able temperature. Someone, thoughtfully, bought every available hand fan in Bristol and distributed them among the guests. Around 1AM the DJ congratulated everyone for shaking off the heat as we shook our booties. It was time for the over 60s to head to bed. The younger crew went off for a bit of nightclubbing into the wee hours.

It was the most relaxed and happy wedding I have ever attended. A reflection, I believe, of Katie and Aron’s approach to life and their love for each other.

For those of you unfortunate enough to have missed it, here is a selection of official photos. For the complete set, please send a request and we will forward you a link:

Note: all photos by: Rhian Clarke Photography



  1. Thanx 4 jolly pix! Sorry I couldn’t take my ancient bones there. Wouldabin great fun though. And how cool to see Emma and Jarno there, getting ideas … Hadn’t realized the extent to which holding a wedding in a museum provides fabulous backdrops for the portraits ;-)>


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