Position: 38°41’22″N 109°32’41″W

Arches National Park is one of those disorienting places that brings distant memories of National Geographic photos fully to life. Patient, skilled photographers no doubt spent weeks and months waiting for exactly the right time of day, the right weather, and a bit of luck to create the stunning images many of us were fortunate enough to grow up with. These days even bad pictures can be fixed with a little image manipulation. Don’t like the sky? Add a new one. I digress.

Here are a few unedited photos from our drive-by visit. Drive by because it was still 106F (41C) at 7:00PM. With only 8% humidity, you need plenty of water this time of year. Standing in the heat of golden hour, I made out, carved in the terra cotta sandstone, a series of faces looking back at me. Scowling enigmatically.


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