Ciao ragazzi! Marlon here! I’m announcing the release of my first major motion picture. I had an amazing time making it. My peoples took a land trip for a change and I can tell you I was ready for some shore time. Sailing is okay, as long as I’m not rolling around too much. But I prefer pooing on land. It’s so much easier. My paws don’t slip around and the ground doesn’t bounce up and down like it does on the boat. Actually, I’m pretty confident taking care of my needs on the boat these days. I like to make my peoples nervous by going out on deck alone. Besides, lifejackets are for cats. Fooey to all that, I say!

My movie is in three acts and has an epidogue. The first act is when I went into a huge cave and explored. It was very cool to see where they used to carve out bricks in the olden days. At least that’s what I think they were doing.

The second act is when I went for a walk with a mature bitch. We met in the car park and she just came over and said hi. Once we got over the usual formalities, I decided that she was pretty chill. I think she had more interest in me than I did in her, though. I got my peoples to distract her with a treat at the end of the walk so I didn’t have to ghost her or anything.

The third act is in Palermo. That’s the biggest city I’ve seen since, well, Cagliari at few weeks ago. There was a lot going on. Cars and people and then we walked through a really busy place that was completely nuts. I kept hoping people would drop things for me to eat, but I didn’t have much luck. I spent a lot of time making sure my peoples didn’t wander off and get lost. That would suck. Especially since I can’t sail the boat easily because I don’t have opposable dewclaws.

There’s lots of dogs in Sicily. They’re everywhere. And they’re kind of nosey – if you know what I mean. One night I had to bark at about 25 dogs along one street. Just because. Mostly they were complaining about being stuck inside. So, I rubbed in the fact I was on a road trip a little bit. Maybe a little bit too much at times given how loud they barked back at me.

But the thing I like most about Sicily, though, is how many people really like dogs. They let me in all kinds of places like stores, restaurants, even museums. And lots of people have given me massages and even cuddles. You can tell a lot about a place by how much they like dogs. Kind of like people. People who don’t like dogs aren’t worth a flea’s bite in my opinion.

Take care guys! Stay well and keep your opposables up! Let me know how much you love my movie!! Chow!



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