marlon-with-tigerHola Chicas! Marlon here! I have been having a marvelous time at some other people’s place. My peoples did a dump and run on me a few weeks ago, but honestly, I’m not hurt that I’m not with them. Not in the least. Wanna know why? Here’s why.

I’ve been to the other people’s place before. Last time I was there I got a little weirded out. After two years on the boat, here I was in a huge house with other dogs. I’d almost forgotten what that was like. Living with other dogs. And it made me a little sad. I missed my pack. Who my peoples called Annie and Banjo. I’d tell you their real names, but that would be breaking a trust. So, I hung around the new peoples for a few days and learned the routines. Once I figured that out, it was all pretty chill.

This time around I knew exactly where I was as soon as the door opened. The other big guy was there to greet me. I knew where the food was, where the toys were hidden, and how to get a cuddle when I needed it. Not only that, but there were a couple of really cool dogs to hang with. One of my new friends is Tiger. Tiger is one of those dogs you meet once, well maybe twice, in a lifetime. I felt like I’d known him all my life. Not only was he good company, but for a dog as good looking as he is, he’s got almost no ego. We took long walks on the beach together, we both love the Village People and, shucks, I almost fell in love. It was really hard seeing him leave.

But I got over it. Meanwhile, the other guys hung out by the pool. Swimming’s never been my thing, but I don’t mind if other dogs do it. It’s kind of fun to run alongside the pool and bark encouragement. I also enjoyed the relaxed pace. My peoples like to take really long walks, which I like, too. But I also really like hanging by the sofa, having my ears rubbed and watching the moving picture show.

Later in the week a couple of young ‘uns turned up. Whelps! Teaching moments in the making. My favorite thing to teach is sharing. It works like this. Get something from the toy box and put it down in front of you like you want me to play with it. Got it? Cool. Then I go up, grab the toy and hide it. That’s sharing, right? I’ll keep doing that with the young ones until either they understand that I get to keep everything they share, or I run out of places to hide stuff. Sometimes they get clever and I have to wrestle them for the toy. That’s always kind of fun. Takes me back to my days in the mosh pit at The Warehouse. Rrrruff!

Now I’m back on the boat. I gave my peoples a hard time for a couple of days for leaving me. But it’s great to be barking at the seagulls again. Life is good! Chow!

Editor’s Note: Our thanks to Brian and Lynn at Dog Sitters Murcia Spain for taking such good care of Marlon.



  1. Mar Mar,
    Good to hear how things are going en España. We are super chill back in the PNW. I haven’t seen this much of my people since… well furever. They literally cannot stand to be away from me. They almost never leave the house any longer! It does make me feel like I need to be extra vigilant so that nothing happens to them. So, when I’m not sleeping (which really isn’t that often, I have to admit) I am totally on guard duty. There is no end to the things that I have to worry about; delivery people, Nessa, rabbits, squirrels, the wind, Nessa, neighbors, other peoples walking near the perimeter. It’s really a lot of responsibility. I’m getting tired just thinking about it!
    Smell you later!

    1. Hey Woody, Dog! You sound busy! Having your peoples around all the time can be chill. I always say, as long as they feed me I’ll bark at the gulls. Say Rrruff to everyone there and give Nessa a sniff from me (was that puplitically incorrect?).

  2. Hey Dude – Augie and Jasper here. We are pleased you had so much fun with your other peoples. We go to one of our fave people’s house – but she has a new pooch – Bodhi – a Frenchie who weighs more than the two of us together and he is STILL a pup. He won’t leave me (Augie) alone – keeps trying to do some kind of dance on my back – and Jasper is just afraid so hides the whole visit. We try and teach Bodhi but – alas – he is not as evolved as us. We encountered a coyote a few days back and he looked like he wanted to follow us home. Oh well – a good thing he stayed put – as he might’ve eaten all our food. We droll over your journaling. Must be tough to hit the keys right – guess practice makes perfect? Keep it up and have fun … WOOF! A&J

    1. Augie! Jasper! Great to hear from you two. It’s really hard to teach a Frenchie to dance. They’re much better at digging in my experience. (Je suis citoyen français et ai un passeport pour le prouver, so I should connais). As for those coyotes – well they’re a pack unto themselves. They used to eat my people’s people’s cats when they lived someplace near coyotes. They’re not pup-ular in our house… Arf! Arf!

  3. Hey Mar,

    I’m Dossie, living on the east end Molokai. I have 2 sets of peoples..double the food. Yep, there’s this guy Ward who buys the good dog food and calls himself “chef to dogs”
    Well, I am doing all right by him. Makes me this special gravy almost every meal. And his darling wife is a hoot. She thinks she is teaching me the “side to side” which is some sort of circus thing. I know they must be in the circus cause this BIG TENT all red and yellow showed up a few weeks ago. Well, sounds like it is a DOG’S LIFE AFTERALL. I have no worries about food or covid. My people’s..well, heard they are traveling to Portland. Guess I can go without the double food, my belly is full.
    Bark, bark, bark.

    Patti Golebieski
    1. Hey Dossie! Was your people’s Ward the one that Banjo bit on the nose? He always seemed cool. Still don’t know why Banjo did that. But Banjo was kind of old and grumpy at times. Especially if you looked at him the wrong way or stole his rawhide. I’m not sure what a side to side is? I sleep on one side then roll over to sleep on the other. That’s the best side to side! Give a lick to your people’s from me. Grruff!

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